Digital portraits

As much as I love film, I use digital for practical reasons…

OTTAWA, Ont. (18/02/13) – Emmanuel Okwier Oletho is a fourth year political science student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ont. Emmanuel fled Ethiopia in 2003 and was a refugee in Kenya before becoming a sponsor student by the World University Service of Canada in 2008. (Photo: Christopher King)
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (21/01/14) – Grace Thompson feeds a dozen feral cats every night and a handful that live in her garage, but in her home she only keeps three. Thompson feels the need to maintain the distinction between a wild cat and a domestic cat. “The companionship makes you want to get up and take care of them. They’re a pain in the butt so you must love them if you want to put up the time and money,” Thompson said. (Photo: Christopher King)